Decopatch party in a box

Decided I’d try something new at the shop, a few months ago when things weren’t so manic with Demo work I ran a few kids decopatch classes and a put the idea to the parents about being able to buy their kid a party in a box and they all loved it 😀

So fast forward a few months…….over the weekend I hunted for suitable boxes and then got started, I love the idea that everything you need in contained in there all in a theme and all you need to do is just add kids! These boxes aren’t just for kids party’s though they would be ideal for clubs, adults or a great activity for keeping little people entertained at weddings.


Crafting & Clearing

Having a huge much needed clear out from the shop, I’ve found all sorts of crap….sort crafts from years and years ago so had a play and boxed bits up for selling and if I’m truly honest there’s no difference in how it looks but hey it’s a start 😀  


Wonderland 13th Birthday Party

Well what a weekend, fab fun had on sat with Abs party and a lovely day out with my four for Fathers Day 😀

It’s with a huge sigh of relief that the party came together brilliantly with a lot of hard work from my fab Mam who got stuck in with the decorating, four hours I think it took us just to get it looking right lol but we got there and it looked amazing I was so chuffed! The final step was getting the cake assembled and thankfully we managed it without any problems, more importantly Abigail loved it and her and her friends had a ball so job done……..and never to be repeated as I’m still nursing blistered feet lol

So this bit is photo heavy soz x


Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s my babies 13th Birthday next month but due to holidays and family goings on we are celebrating early 😀 She decided on two themes Wonderland or Twilight and although I’m huge fans of both and thankful she chose the first!!!

As I type the demos are all done, commission work done and landed safely, orders up to date bar one so its full on party mode for the next 3 days! I think I’ve all the food sorted except bread, hot dog rolls and cocktail sausages, just the last bit of decorations to finish and the birthday cake to tackle which will be interesting lol

I’ll leave you with a few pics of some items made so far and I’m sure there will be plenty more to share next week 😀 


New Blog Home

Decided to get back into blog land and why not do it with a new home 😀 So since the last time I blogged over at blogger I’ve been crafting away, been on hols, had a family wedding and a few other bits! So anyway I was doing a demo for Docrafts at Howdens on Sat and I thought I’d share a few makes from it, Happy Crafting x