Technique Exploring 

It’s demo time again soon and there’s a little change from usual, this month we are do using on techniques so mild panic as I think all the ones I know I’ve shared already with my fabulous ladies in Inverness O_o so I’m on the hunt for some new ones and I found Acrylic Pouring, so much fun!!!

Sadly I’m not a huge scrapbooker anymore but I felt this would be perfect, the effect has slapped onto a piece of cardboard so it’s well check to make and really effective 💗

I’ve added more pics onto my Docrafts gallery if you care to see here

Christmas or not Christmas

It’s the same old Christmas argument my husband and I have every year yes you’ve guessed it, Is the Die Hard Movie a Christmas film?

Well I say no but this year I wanted to give hubs a funny card with a nod to our yearly tradition lol



Foil Fun

Since closing Cullen Crafts ive taken the decision to join forces with my Mam and daughter, we plan, I between real work and school, to get crafty and open and Etsy store 😀 Our new business name is G&T , G for Ger(me obs) & for Abbie and T for Trish my Mam, really it’s for Gin & Tonic cause I love it but ssshhhh don’t tell the others 😀

We’ve been trying a few things, logos, products while we still in pack boxes from the catboats mountain 😳 but we’ll get there! 


Flash and it’s gone!

So who stole November ??? So I had my mast demo for 2015 with Docrafts at Howdens Inverness, was great to catch up with my lovely ladies but that will be another post for another day with pics 😀 

I’ve Dont most of this month playing with my new foil machine, a couple of craft fairs, Marilyn Manson concert & sorting my craft space! I’m still only have way through the boxes but I’m getting there, thankfully!

So after a lot of thinking and seditious on what to do next im joining forces with my Mam & daughter to open up an Etsy store for selling all our makes which im real excited about. Below are some pics of my new love, everything is being foiled lol