Crafty Network Blogging

I haven’t shared for a while a group I run over on Facebook for crafters who blog about it, we have nearly 3k talented members who regularly post and network with each other. We don’t allow businesses to advertise other than having the FB page banner sponsored, if you haven’t got a blog but use a FB page for crafting we allow those kind of posts 😀

Please come and check us out and

End of One

On the 26th Septi officially closed Cullen Crafts bricks & mortar store, it was a weird day extreamly busy with customers old and new, peeps coming in to say goodbye or to grab a last min bargin. I had my family popping in throughout the day, helping with the continued move of my office(it’s amazing how much I squeezed in there in 7yrs lol) and really I think they where just checking up on me 😀 But it was less upsetting than I imagined so I know for sure it was the right decision. I closed the door for the last time and ordered in a Chinese so the four of us sat there with out dinner on paper plates and plastic cups filled with coke and just had a good jiggle about everything. I’ve loved Cullen Crafts it was a dream that I for filled and who knows one day may want to go back into playing shop keeper, I’ve met  some interesting people, met some horrid people, had some fab customers who I now think of as friends which I’m so grateful for and I’ve also lost some on the way but they are in my heart and always will be ❤ I’ve added pics of come of the flowers and chocs I received ❤

So what does this mean well as I lie here soking up the last day of Mallorca sunshine I can honestly say I haven’t a clue lol I will still be working with Docrafts and Trimcraft and I have a mountain of mess I need to clear through as the new craft room was just a dump and run job due to our already pre booked two week holiday!! What I am looking forward to it making stuff, I got so busy with shop business as you do with any business that crafting never got to happen unless it was with demo work or orders and that sucks!!!

So new space new crafter and hopefully new venture……….

Need Time Machine

Im in bad need of the above as everything is going to fast and I need to just stop . Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury, in the past two weeks I’ve have a 50% sale on everything in the shop, delt with a couple of shop owners buying stock, two Docraft demos- one Aberdeen one Dundee, 1 Trimcraft demo in Aberdeen, been to the Foo Fighters concert in Edinburgh, had a couple of family birthdays and  sorting through & packing the shop!! I feel blinking exhausted writing it lol

Things with closing the shop are going well, most of the back shop is done, stands have been sold & booked ready for collection after my last day, just need to find space to put everything after Saturday 😳😳😳

Still a long way to go but I’ll get there 😀   

All About Wonderland


Today I’m taking part in a fabulous blog hop to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the fabulous Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. I’m a massive fan of Alice and the crazy world Carroll created for her and recently my daughter picked that theme for her 13th birthday party so i’m sharing pics from that as i baked a cake and I’m gonna live of it for years as i’m so amazed i pulled it off heehee

Head over to Suzanne’s and check out all the fabulous work and other blog hoppers 😀



Decopatch party in a box

Decided I’d try something new at the shop, a few months ago when things weren’t so manic with Demo work I ran a few kids decopatch classes and a put the idea to the parents about being able to buy their kid a party in a box and they all loved it 😀

So fast forward a few months…….over the weekend I hunted for suitable boxes and then got started, I love the idea that everything you need in contained in there all in a theme and all you need to do is just add kids! These boxes aren’t just for kids party’s though they would be ideal for clubs, adults or a great activity for keeping little people entertained at weddings.


Wonderland 13th Birthday Party

Well what a weekend, fab fun had on sat with Abs party and a lovely day out with my four for Fathers Day 😀

It’s with a huge sigh of relief that the party came together brilliantly with a lot of hard work from my fab Mam who got stuck in with the decorating, four hours I think it took us just to get it looking right lol but we got there and it looked amazing I was so chuffed! The final step was getting the cake assembled and thankfully we managed it without any problems, more importantly Abigail loved it and her and her friends had a ball so job done……..and never to be repeated as I’m still nursing blistered feet lol

So this bit is photo heavy soz x