Foil Fun

Since closing Cullen Crafts ive taken the decision to join forces with my Mam and daughter, we plan, I between real work and school, to get crafty and open and Etsy store 😀 Our new business name is G&T , G for Ger(me obs) & for Abbie and T for Trish my Mam, really it’s for Gin & Tonic cause I love it but ssshhhh don’t tell the others 😀

We’ve been trying a few things, logos, products while we still in pack boxes from the catboats mountain 😳 but we’ll get there! 


Summer Flop

well we’ve waited and waited and summer just isn’t making an appearance up here in the north unfortunately so I’m planning ahead, haven’t been crocheting long and have mastered the art of hexagons but hate sewing up even in crochet so needed a change! I really love the colour combo that Attic 24 creates so I took the plunge and bought me a blanket kit😱😱😱

After a few and I mean a good few false starts, I keep having to remind myself I’m self taught and need to be patient, I think I’ve cracked it!

The colours from Stylecraft are fabulous and although it’s only two different stitch rows the constant changing of colour keeps me going. I’m even planning on what to make next with these colours 😀