Mix Media Work

July’s Docraft’s demos are technique focused so us demonstrator’s are getting down and messy with our paints, glues and sprays 😀 I thought I’d try my hand at one of these mix media bits, I’m not convinced but it is a great way of using up all those little single embellishments we all have saved in their original packaging taking up way to much room in our craft spaces lol  


Foil Fun

Since closing Cullen Crafts ive taken the decision to join forces with my Mam and daughter, we plan, I between real work and school, to get crafty and open and Etsy store 😀 Our new business name is G&T , G for Ger(me obs) & for Abbie and T for Trish my Mam, really it’s for Gin & Tonic cause I love it but ssshhhh don’t tell the others 😀

We’ve been trying a few things, logos, products while we still in pack boxes from the catboats mountain 😳 but we’ll get there! 


Flash and it’s gone!

So who stole November ??? So I had my mast demo for 2015 with Docrafts at Howdens Inverness, was great to catch up with my lovely ladies but that will be another post for another day with pics 😀 

I’ve Dont most of this month playing with my new foil machine, a couple of craft fairs, Marilyn Manson concert & sorting my craft space! I’m still only have way through the boxes but I’m getting there, thankfully!

So after a lot of thinking and seditious on what to do next im joining forces with my Mam & daughter to open up an Etsy store for selling all our makes which im real excited about. Below are some pics of my new love, everything is being foiled lol


All About Wonderland


Today I’m taking part in a fabulous blog hop to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the fabulous Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. I’m a massive fan of Alice and the crazy world Carroll created for her and recently my daughter picked that theme for her 13th birthday party so i’m sharing pics from that as i baked a cake and I’m gonna live of it for years as i’m so amazed i pulled it off heehee

Head over to Suzanne’s and check out all the fabulous work and other blog hoppers 😀




Decopatch party in a box

Decided I’d try something new at the shop, a few months ago when things weren’t so manic with Demo work I ran a few kids decopatch classes and a put the idea to the parents about being able to buy their kid a party in a box and they all loved it 😀

So fast forward a few months…….over the weekend I hunted for suitable boxes and then got started, I love the idea that everything you need in contained in there all in a theme and all you need to do is just add kids! These boxes aren’t just for kids party’s though they would be ideal for clubs, adults or a great activity for keeping little people entertained at weddings.